Sights from the Road: The Rumford Maine Muffler Man

Sights from the Road: The Rumford Maine Muffler Man

For the 2009 President’s week holiday, we spent our time in Maine. While there, we stopped off in the town of Rumford and had a tasty homecooked-style lunch at the River Valley Grille. It was the first time that I’d ever laid eyes on a red hot dog. Yes, that’s right. I said, RED. Apparently it is something that is native to the state. They are commonly referred to as Red Snappers.

The River Valley Grille - Rumford Maine

The reason for heading to Rumford was for me to visit with Maine’s last standing actual Paul Bunyan Muffler Man. He looms over the Rumford Visitor Center. Fittingly, the visitor center sells postcards with his mug on it complete with a thumb visible in the postcard photograph. Perfect

The Rumford, Maine Muffler Man - Stands at the Welcome Center

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