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Spring Fever in Full Swing: A Day Ride April 10.05

36 Degrees
Sunny going up to 70 degrees.

Met Kenny at 62, gassed up. Wanted to check my tire pressure but well, you need to remember which jacket you’ve left your pressure gauge in to do that. Dope. :oP So, off we go, hustling down the expressway to meet the Bryan the BK Broiler at the Cross Island Marina. As I almost run him down with my filthy bike, he snaps this photo:

Hopefully they don’t kick me out of the ‘Ducati club’, but I haven’t washed my bike in a year. :o)

The BK Broiler makes some friends at the Marina. NOT. ‘;..and I walk alone..'; So anywho, we meet him there and peel off to meet up with Ben on 22 in North Castle. As we approach the Whitestone, my scarf comes untucked out of my jacket with a loud… ‘;Fwooop'; and starts flapping. I watch the shadow of it on the ground while I’m rolling. It then completely unloosens and is sent careening back into the abyss that is the Cross Island Parkway. Farewell pink ‘;R'; scarf. May your travels be long and enjoyable. Lord knows they won’t be cleaning you up off the highway any time soon.

So, we meet Ben and grab some grub and head up to the Dairy. The weather is stellar. I LOVE it. Still cool, but great. My spring fever is in overdrive. I get that lovey feeling I always get for my riding mates. ‘;I love you guys.'; :::sniff::snifff:::::

We run in to some folks we know at the Dairy. Have a pee and a chat or two. Its great, this is like the ONLY venue where there is no line for the ladies room and the penile-ly inclined have to wait. Wahooo! :o)

The riding really couldn’t have been more enjoyable. Nice easy pace, still feeling good. We wind up around Bear Mtn where the BK and I swap bikes. I get to ride the RC for a bit. I’m a little tentative at first because I’ve got to 1-foot it. I can’t even tippy toe with both feet, but it proves to be a non-issue with the weight of the bike. Only need 1 foot really :o)

The RC is much different than i imagined it to be. In comparo to my 996, its more refined and smooth and feels a lot softer in every way. The 996 is a temperamental bitch who doesn’t do anything voluntarily. Sounds familiar :o) I enjoyed my ride very much, and got to stretch her legs a bit. Not that I condone speeding, or anything. It always feels so alien to me know to ride a bike with such a wide tank. But overall – thoroughly enjoyable.

For the ride home, Kenny is kind enough to take the Duc. My hands at this point are just beat. They get really sore. Even with the Yoyodyne slave & CRG levers, my pathetic girly hands have a hard time with the pull, especially at the beginning of the season when they are out of ‘practice’. I love riding his 636. It fits me like a glove. But, again, I’m tippy toeing. What the hell? I must be shrinking in my old age. I used to be ‘;the chick'; on the bike…now I’m ‘;that lady.'; Ugh. awful.

Spring fever… in full swing.

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